APEC logo exhibits spirit of cooperation, essence walt disney world magic bandsof Vietnamese culture: designer

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DA NANG - The APEC 2017 logo exhibits spirit of cooperation, the essence of Vietnamese culture and innovation and creativity, Designer Trinh Minh Trung, co-author of the APEC 2017 logo told Xinhua here on Thursday.

Many eye-catching panels and billboards featuring stylized yellow lotus flowers in a dark yellow background have been erected in Vietnam"s central Da Nang city, the host city of the APEC Leaders" Week slated for Nov. 6-11.
Trung, also director of Mark and B Vietnam Company in Hanoi, told Xinhua that they chose lotus because it is Vietnam"s national flower.

The lotus is stylized as star facets of diamond, symbolizing glorious beauty and eternity. The dark yellow background also has its own meaning.

"Normally, the main color of the APEC 2017 logo is blue, but we want to make a difference for the APEC Leaders" Week. Dark yellow is the color of the earth, the soil. It symbolizes the warmness, the growth and prosperity of all member economies," he said.

While the 21 sun rays symbolize 21 APEC member economies, the three colors - blue, red and yellow - represent APEC"s three pillars of cooperation, namely, investment and trade liberalization, business facilitation as well as technical economic cooperation. The circular motion of rotating turbine represents APEC"s dynamism.


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